How to lose your extra kilos (for good)

How to lose your extra kilos (for good)

One of the most common New Year Resolutions is to get serious about losing weight. Most people, however, end up without enough motivation to do it, or they use shortcuts which we all know is bad and not effective. We think most people have a good idea about what the real trick to lose the unwanted weight is.  However, let’s go over the main points to focus on what is really the right way to lose weight.

·        Start off the day by drinking a big glass of water.

Drinking fresh, warm water when you have an empty stomach can help get rid of the toxins in your body and also help maintain a healthy bowel system. Drinking enough water can also boost metabolism.  

·        Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day.

Having a proper breakfast each day can stop you from going crazy when lunchtime comes. Because you won’t be starving around midday, you will have the time and patience to choose the right food to eat, and avoid the bad stuff like sugary or greasy food that you tend to jump right into when you are too hungry to think clearly. Breakfast also kick-starts your metabolism and lets your body burn calories much better.

·        Add more lean protein

Protein takes the longest time to digest, so eating protein helps you feel full for a longer period of time, despite giving you the same amount of calories, when compared to carbohydrates or fat. When you are full and satisfied, you won’t eat too many snacks between meals. Moreover, protein also helps build muscles and burn fat. If adding more meat in your meal is too heavy for you, you can opt for protein in vegetables like beans or soy, or try drinking whey protein shakes.

·        Fruit is not the bad guy here.

It’s true that you need to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in your diet when you need to lose weight but fruit is not the villain that you need to avoid altogether. Fruit contains fiber and water, each of which helps you feel full. The calories of most fruits are much lower than other sweets like cake or ice-cream. Eating enough fruit can help reduce your craving for sweets, but you must choose the fruits that contain low sugar. Durian, jackfruit or longan might not be the best choice for weight loss. Instead, try orange, kiwi, guava and banana.

·        Home-cooked food is the best

Unhealthy ingredients are the invisible culprit for weight gain. You might think that you are ordering a healthy dish, but the food from the shops is often full of MSG, salt and sugar. The cooking oil and other ingredients are usually not the healthy ones. If you cook at home, you can control how much seasoning you are going to add, and you can choose the healthy choice for cooking oil like olive oil and coconut oil. You can also choose products with no preservatives added, no color added and which are low in sodium.

·        Cut out the bad fat and add the good fat

It’s true that fat is the worst but you still need fat for your body to absorb some vitamins that can only dissolve in fat such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. The bad kind of fat can be found in food such as french-fries, bacon, and other similar snacks made from animal fat. The good kind of fat can be found in olive oil, avocado and nuts.

·        Stop drinking sugary beverages like iced tea, soda, fruit juice, and alcoholic drinks

Sweet drinks like iced coffee and tea are what most people think they need every afternoon, even though they know well that these drinks like bottled tea, iced milk tea, iced coffee and even fruit juice are high in sugar. If you are serious about weight loss, try to cut these out of your daily diet and see the result in no time. Same goes for alcoholic beverages; they are all high in “empty calories”, which are calories that won’t make you feel full or give you any nutrients.

·        Exercise regularly, of course

Even though food is the heart of weight loss, exercise is also important. Those who have a lot of weight and need to shed some kilos quickly should add cardio exercise for at least half an hour a day, three days a week, together with a healthy diet. This is the one and only good start to sustainable weight loss with no side effects.


The list above is a summary of the most important and healthy ways to lose weight and improve your body condition. Liu Zhi wants to be another source of support for you and your goal of achieving weight loss safely to lead you to a strong and firm body. That’s why Liu Zhi has carefully designed our own special Weight Loss Plaster, which is made from 100% natural herbs with no added chemicals. Guaranteed to be safe for your body and help boost your metabolism and your digestive system. Click here for more information or buy our medical plasters online, or visit your local pharmacy or selected Watsons shop.


How to lose your extra kilos (for good)


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