How to get rid of constipation, once and for all

How to get rid of constipation, once and for all

Many of us might have dealt with a painful and annoying symptom, and those who never experience it will never understand how uncomfortable it can be. Before getting to how to get rid of it, let’s get the correct understanding of what constipation is and how it can happen.


First, we need to understand the work of the colon. When food is moved from the small intestine to the colon, the colon will absorb water and nutrients before letting out the rest as feces. Throughout the day, the colon creates consistent bowel movements to move the feces to the rectum. During the process, the colon continues to absorb the fluid from the feces, and when the colon absorbs too much fluid or the bowel movements aren’t normal, the feces will get dry and harden, making it difficult to get out of your body. The result is constipation. Those who suffer from constipation may excrete only three times a week and during the process of releasing excrement, it may feel painful and there may be a need to push hard. The feces of those with constipation are usually dry and rough. Moreover, constipation might cause extra gas in your stomach that leads to discomfort and a bloated stomach.


Now that we understand the issue of constipation, let’s move to its causes so that we get the proper understanding to fix the problem at the source. The usual cause of constipation is the lack of fiber in your diet. A rushed lifestyle makes people eat fast food and neglect having enough healthy fiber like vegetable and fruit. In the elderly, the lack of movement can also cause constipation. Taking medicine with some related side effects can also cause abnormal bowel movements, but there may be other causes as well, such as some changes in your body due to stress or pregnancy. Constipation may be part of another sickness or it could be a problem in the bowel system itself.


So, what are the treatments for constipation?


If the symptoms are not severe, the proper treatments can begin with simple changes in your daily routine and behavior, which make up the best way to ease and get rid of constipation.

  • Drink a lot of water! It’s the easiest way to improve your health. Make sure you drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day.
  • Do some exercise for at least 15 - 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. The movement of your body can stimulate bowel movements.
  • Create a healthy routine to defecate. Don’t hold it when you feel the urge for bowel evacuation.
  • Avoid excess use of laxatives because they can interrupt the normal work of the bowel system.
  • Eat food with enough fiber -- but not too much, or it can create too much gas in your stomach. Some specific food like prunes, kiwis, and oranges might help. Avoid dairy and animal products such as cow milk, butter, ice-cream, red meat, and processed food.


However, if your constipation is chronic and severe, you can try other treatments like taking dietary supplements and laxatives.

  • Dietary supplements such as fiber drinks can help store fluid in the feces to keep your bowel movements soft. You have to be careful and keep drinking a lot of water when using this kind of product, because having too much fiber while not having enough water can create too much gas and intestinal obstruction.


  • Use herbs as an alternative to help regulate your body. For example, consume herbal drinks or use products that have useful herbal ingredients. One of the benefits of using herbs is there will be no leftover chemicals in your body, unlike western medicine that tends to chemicals as ingredients.


  • The use of suppositories for constipation might not be the most popular method to cure constipation. However, they offer quick results for those who suffer from chronic constipation and have tried all other methods without success. Suppositories for constipation must be used with caution, especially for those with other underlying diseases.


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How to get rid of constipation, once and for all


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