Amazing treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis without antibiotics

Amazing treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis without antibiotics

People who suffer from painful Rheumatoid arthritis (commonly known as RA) would know well how acute the discomfort can be. Everyone with this disease keeps trying to find a way to decrease and relieve the pain, and most often they end up turning to painkillers and antibiotics. Even though the negative side effects of those medicines are well understood, when the pain is too much to bear, patients are left with no better choice.

However, not many people realize that Rheumatoid arthritis can be treated using natural methods, simply by taking advantage of certain kinds of food that you can easily grab from your kitchen. Food is a kind of drug, and if you use it in the right way, it can be the best medicine to treat many forms of sickness. By eating food that has the ability to ease or treat the pain at its source, you’re taking advantage of a natural treatment that doesn’t have side effects. It might not be the fastest way but it’s safer, more effective, and sustainable in ways that other methods aren’t.

·        Ginger

Ginger is one of the most common household herbs that can be found at fresh markets and supermarkets everywhere. Ginger can be an effective ingredient to relieve joint pain because it has the same power as antibiotics that can treat aches and pains caused by inflammation, but with no dangerous side effects. To use ginger effectively, you can add it as an ingredient in your stir-fried dish or fresh hot ginger tea. Ginger tea can be easily made by slicing up ginger into thin pieces and putting it into a pot of hot water. Boil it for about 15 minutes until the ginger releases its aroma, then drink immediately while it’s still hot. It’s really easy and can last for a week if stored properly.


·        Clean eating

Clean eating is one of the more popular food-related trends nowadays. Eating “clean” food, which means eating food at its most natural stage, gives you various health benefits. Clean food means food with the fewest additives, no preservatives, no MSG, and only light seasoning. Processed food is definitely a no-go for clean eating. This health trend has also proven effective for patients with chronic joint pain like RA. For best results, clean eating means eating a lot of vegetables and fruits with high vitamin C like broccoli, spinach, oranges, strawberries, guavas, etc. The best source of protein for RA patients is fish such as salmon and tuna, or local fresh-water fish like catfish or striped snakehead fish. The best cooking oil in this case is olive oil. The reason that olive oil and fish are recommended is because both contain the healthy Omega 3 fatty acid, which also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance just like antibiotic medicine.

·        Chamomile tea and green tea

Did you know that drinking chamomile tea not only helps those who have trouble sleeping, but can also help cure inflammation around the joint as well? Well, it’s true -- but how is that possible? The answer is that chamomile tea is made from chamomile flowers that contain Terpenoids and Isoflavonoids, which are two substances well known for their ability to relieve inflammatory aches and pains. While chamomile tea can cure the symptoms, green tea can decrease the risk of getting RA. Multiple studies have found that drinking several cups of green tea every day can decrease the risk of Rheumatoid arthritis, thanks to the antioxidant substance in green tea. But be careful, as the popular sugary ‘green tea’ blended beverage in supermarkets has only a tiny amount of real green tea, while the rest is just artificial flavor and sugar. This yummy drink is, unfortunately, not good for you and therefore not suitable to drink for health purposes.

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Amazing treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis without antibiotics


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